Rural County Democratic Party Renewal Committee –

Issues –

  • Establish urban to rural partnerships to support and encourage rural democrats
  • Help organize rural county parties for increased participation in caucuses and better support of rural candidates
  • Provide support for rural democratic candidates for all public offices
  • Provide candidate and campaign training and campaign resources
  • Establish a regional and sub-regional structure to support county party leaders
  • Provide improved communication tools for county parties
  • Monitor Colorado Democratic Party activity and assure that rural issues have priority and support from the state party

Proposed Members –

  • Tom Parks – Yuma
  • Bob Kjelland – RM Farmers Union
  • Scott Beilfuss – Mesa
  • Dennis Obduskey- Park
  • Anne Wilseck – Exec Dir. Co Dems
  • Carolyn Boller – Sec. Co Dems

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